31 May - 2 June 157,50 €


Bodysurf House

price includes

Accommodation, full board, chill out area, jacuzzi, sauna, equipment included, option to surf lessons and yoga classes


31 May - 2 June 157,50 €


Bodysurf House

price includes

Accommodation, full board, chill out area, jacuzzi, sauna, equipment included, option to surf lessons and yoga classes

Waves, sun, surf, surf-skate, barbecue ... After the success of our community surf trips, we want to make a break in the same surf house that we were in one of the first trips. Xavier will host us in a stunning surf house in front of the sea, when we tire of surfing we can surf-skate, relax in the chill out and jacuzzi ... Join the trip!




Shared rooms in Bodysurf House with jacuzzi, sauna, chill out area


Full board: breakfast, meals (sandwich and salad to take away and eat where you want) and dinners (barbecues: one night of meat, another night fresh fish, other pizzas ...)


You will be accompanied by a Sharryup ambassador to take you to the best Hossegor spots (surfing, visits etc) and any problems you may have.


Transportation to the beaches

We will go to the best spots in the area by car


We will practice on the asphalt or in the Pump-track of Labenne


We will climb in different cars of the community, we will distribute and organize through the group of whatsapp trip


Surf material included if you hire the classes, but if you prefer you can upload your material in the car

Option to surf and yoga classes

2 surf lessons (70 €), and yoga classes for 10 € extra each class

What to expect

Additional Information


To get to Hossegor, we will coordinate different cars of community members from the whatsapp group on the trip. We will divide between all the costs of gasoline and tolls. We can take our surfboards on the roof of the cars.


The temperature in Hossegor during the weekend will have as minimum 12 degrees and as maximum 20 degrees. We recommend that you go looking at the weather forecast when the trip approaches.


The most spoken languages ​​are French, English and some people also speak Spanish.


We have 15 spots in the vicinity:

  • Labenne: Ephemeral sandbanks can call up beautiful waves at the central beach. The bar can be difficult to pass. Beware of sometimes violent currents.
  • Capbreton - Beach of Océanides: The spot called «VVF» sometimes epic when the conditions are met. Spot often frequented by the pros, it is advised against the beginners.
  • Capbreton - La Piste Beach: A worldclass spot that can send epic tubes. To be reserved for experienced surfers.
  • Capbreton - Savane beach: «Santocha» spot in reference to the historic club installed in Capbreton since 1975. Very frequented by beginners and schools, attention to collisions. This spot can produce a beautiful straight along the rocky spur.
  • Capbreton - Plage du Prévent: In reference to the former preventorium, it is the spot in the ESRB (European Sports Rehabilitation Center). Spot sheltered, it works when the exposed spots arrive at saturation. Because of this, it attracts the crowd. Ideal for beginners.
  • Capbreton - Central Range: It takes great conditions for it to work, so especially in winter. It has the advantage of being relatively protected from the wind. Beginners will appreciate.
  • Hossegor - Plage Sud: This is the last spot sheltered from the coast. The current sometimes violent can hinder and the benches are not always well set.
  • Hossegor - The North: Reserved for experts! The wave does not work below 2 meters and breaks off.
  • Hossegor - La Gravière: Beginners to abstain. The wave swept very quickly, in very little water. She offers a tube to those who know how to tame her.
  • Hossegor - Les Culs Nus: This is the spot located at the naturist beach. Sometimes magical when the sand banks want it.
  • Seignosse - Les Estagnots: A very popular spot, theater of many competitions. Spot frequented by experienced surfers when the conditions are met.
  • Seignosse - Les Bourdaines: A spot that moves with the sandbanks, which rarely works above 2 meters of swell. Frequented by surf schools.
  • Seignosse - Le Penon: A beautiful wave can sweep at the main beach. It does not support the wind and a disorderly swell. Always in the water.
  • Seignosse - L'Agréou: The last spot north of the urbanized part of Seignosse Beach. All the conditions must be met (bench, wind, tide) so that everything is stalled.
  • Seignosse - Les Casernes: An isolated spot that attracts the crowds of travelers. Schools settle a few weeks before disappearing after a storm. A spot which can reveal good surprises.


The neoprene you will need in Hossegor is 4 / 3.

We will ride in cars from the Sharryup community to Hossegor on Thursday, surf and have dinner at the surf house. On Friday we will wake up soon, have breakfast at the surf house and go surfing until the body endures, there are 15 surf spots very powerful in the area of ​​surf house! For the more begginers, you can take surf lessons per day for 36 € the class. Then you can do free surfing at the spot you want. We will eat at the surf house or on the beach where we are surfing. In the afternoon, when we can no longer surf, we can surf-skate in the area, more surf, or those who prefer can rest on the terrace of the surf house, in the jacuzzi ... At night we will have dinner at the surf house and start again. Sunday will be our last day, we will have breakfast, surf and eat soon. The check out will be at 12: 00.
Cancellation policy: See more information in Help


Hossegor - Community Surf Trip