5 - 13 October 2019


Natural Surf House, in Himmafushi, at 10mins walking from Jailbreaks

price includes

730 €: Accommodation, full board, transportation to the waves 3 times a day, 2 surf guides: local and European, excursions, private airport transfer


5 - 13 October 2019


Natural Surf House, in Himmafushi, at 10mins walking from Jailbreaks

price includes

730 €: Accommodation, full board, transportation to the waves 3 times a day, 2 surf guides: local and European, excursions, private airport transfer


Solitary waves, sun, heat, local culture, paradisiacal islands and, most importantly, the attitude of the Sharryup community. Sign up before you run out of space!
Intermediary level

What to expect





8 nights in double or quadruple rooms with private bathroom and air conditioning


Full board (snack, 3 meals) with coffee, tea and water throughout the day


3 daily surf trips with transportation to the waves of Sultans, Honkys and Jailbreaks


Recreational Destinations

Excursions to Cokes, Chikens and Ninjas

Surf guide

2 surf guides, one local and one European




Flights are not included in the price

Planing of the trip: We take advantage of the fact that flights are not very expensive to go surfing the Maldives waves. Good weather, lonely waves, local guides and the attitude of sharryup. You can not lose this!


To get to the Maldives there is only one airport: Malé. You can find deals in Skyscanner or Kayak, we recommend that you compare the prices between companies. Once you arrive in Malé, you will have to take a boat to get to Himmafushi.
We propose this option with surf house (round trip):
-1 person: $ 200 (American Dollars)
-2 people: $ 100 (American Dollars)
-3 people: $ 75 (American Dollars)
-4 people: $ 65 (American Dollars)


To travel to the Maldives you do not need any special visa (if you are only going to spend a few days of sightseeing), you only need to have a passport valid for more than six months and a ticket to leave the country. Upon arrival at the airport, a visa valid for 30 days is provided free of charge.


You do not need any vaccine to travel to the Maldives.


The Maldives have a moderate tropical climate thanks to the presence of the Indian Ocean so, despite the monsoons, the temperature is warm and constant throughout the year. With an average of between 6 and 8 hours of sunshine per day, the temperature is usually between 26 and 31ºC, while sea water is between 27 and 29 degrees throughout the year.

Between the months that go from May to October, the humid monsoon or hulhangu takes place, which blows from the southwest provoking a greater number of precipitations. Although it is the rainiest time of the year, there are usually abundant short-term rainfall after which the sun shines again and you enjoy a very warm temperature. This time is very hot and there is a lot of humidity.


The cuisine in the Maldives is mainly based on fish, rice, coconut and all its derivatives, all seasoned and seasoned with spices. The dishes that are usually found are rice and noodles or noodles. Whether accompanied by chicken, tuna or vegetables.

Gulha: fish balls, coconut, curry, onion, chili and ginger

Bajiyas: similar to samosas, but stuffed with fish, onions and curry

Rihaakuru: tuna pasta that is spread on toast. The typical Maldivian breakfast is just tuna sauteed with onions, grated coconut and peppers

Rosji: the bread of the island, a bread without yeast

Garudia: dish very appreciated and consists of a kind of fish soup with rice, pepper and lemon

Kuli boakiba: fish cake also seasoned with many spices

The holidays are accompanied with Huni hakuru folhi (coconut cake, sugar and flour), masroshi (fish pancake) and bodibaiy (a sweet of rice with sugar)

In the tea houses, in addition to the different types of tea, we can try the hedhikaapuff pastry dough stuffed with tuna, or fish croquettes or fish dumplings with ginger, pepper, onion and grated coconut.

Tropical fruits abound: papaya, mango, pineapple, are not native to the country, bring them from Sri Lanka or Singapore but are always of very good quality. The national production is based on small bananas, similar to the "bananas" of Costa Rica.

It is not advisable to drink tap water.

The national drink is the raa, palm juice, coconut milk is called kaashi kiru.


The official language of the Maldives is the Dhivehi. When going with Victor, you will have no problem communicating.


The official currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian rupee (MVR), better known as rufiyaa. Anyway, all transactions with tourists are made with US dollars or with a credit card.


Islam Sunita


S, the capital of the North Atoll that bears his name has a couple of popular peaks among its stores and boogie boards. Your reef collects well the swells especially with winds from the West.

Our house is located less than 10 minutes walking from the famous wave of Jailbreaks, offering the option to enter surf on foot by the reef, being this one of easy access.

Jail's: wave of Himmafushi Island, located on the east coast of the North Male Atoll. It's a fast and long right with 3 sections on your good days. His inside is very fast and quite hollow. It is one of the most constant waves in the area. It works best with winds from the Southwest which is the most common during the surfing season. It is a very good wave with any size and supports good swelles.

Honky's: this wave is on the uninhabited island (Thamburudhoo). It is the wave contiguous to Sultans.Left left. It breaks being small and increases in size and intensity as it takes water, since it adjusts (90 degrees) around the island. A six-foot wave in the takeoff will end at least eight feet in its final section, called "Fred's Ledge" It is a very long wave with tubes in all its sections. Best at low tide unless the swell is huge.

Sultan's: uninhabited island (Thamburudhoo). Excellent and long world class right. One of the most consistent waves of the Male Atoll, which never closes, even with great swells. The takeoff is done on an outer peak called "Ghosts", which takes you to a long section of super fast wall when there are more than four feet. The three sections can be exciting with crazy tubes. The route of the wave is from 100 to 150 meters. Always better with high tide and winds from the West or North.

Coke's: It is located on the Thulusdhoo Island on the North Male Atoll (East Coast). Its route is short but intense. A big wave with tube. A strong takeoff inside a fast and hollow section. Better from medium to high tide, however, it can be surfed at low tide if the swell is quite large. The south swell is perfect for this wave with Northwest wind, in any case, you can surf with West and North winds.

Chicken's: Villingilimathi Huraa (Kuda Villingili), uninhabited island. East Coast reef in the North Male Atoll. It requires speed. It has a long journey. It is an excellent left with two sections. However, the conditions must be perfect to surf it. The best winds for this wave are NW-NNE (offshore).

Ninjas's: Wave that breaks on the outer reef of the Kanifinolhu Resort on the North Male Atoll. It is a very good slow right for beginners and for boards, with two sections. It works best with winds from the West, Northwest and a moderate swell. Tides greater than 4 feet spoil this wave.


You will not need neoprene to surf in the Maldives, since the sea water is between 27 and 29 degrees throughout the year.

Get up with energy and have breakfast in the surf house, what we set sail in search of waves! We will go 3 times a day in search of the best waves in the area, but we will also make excursions in other areas. You can also do snorkelling. The surf house will give you a snack and the 3 meals a day so you do not run out of energy.
Cancellation policy: See more information in Help


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