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Passionate and enthusiats

"Traveling is an exercise with fatal consequences for prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

We promote traveling without prejudice, leaving our comfort zone and tolerance towards anyone in the world. That is why we like so much to offer "community trips": trips to whom anyone wants, with dates and prices closed, and limited places.

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Adventurer spirit

We look for experiences that go beyond the basic and habitual. We look for authentic destinations and local guides that can transmit the reality of your home. We do not like the agglomerations, the crowds or the tourist destinations. It is difficult to find authenticity today, but with effort, we achieve it. And that's where our "all year private trips" are born, authentic trips all over the world, whenever you want and with whom you want.

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Collaborative and respectful

When traveling we want to preserve the culture and the environment, we do not want to alter it. In Barcelona we carry out cleaning sessions of our beaches, to give back to nature all that it gives us, to the extent that we can. We want to transmit this mentality to our travel community.

Member reviews

Marcel P.

I went to Morocco through Sharryup. The local guide they found made us the authentic stay: we took the best spots in the area according to the forecast and our goals, but also took us into the local culture of the area. One of the trips I have felt most like "one more"

Sara B.

Sharryup has changed my life. I did not have any friends or friends to surf, but with the sharryup community I already have someone to share my passion with. I have gone to 4 community surf trip (Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Hossegor and Morocco) and those that I have left!

Luis S.

We went to the Canary Islands with my colleagues and discovered the best spots (to surf and leave) thanks to contact our hosts through Sharryup !!

Your sponsor in the Sharryup adventure

Hiring the adventures through Sharryup means a lot, apart from being part of the community and sharing the values ​​we defend, brands that share our values ​​will reward you!

Team of adventurers

The Sharryup team works every day to find the best local experiences, so that payments are safe and protected, and so that you find people who share the same passion as you in order to make your trip even more complete.

Artur Munne

In search of the best experiences

Surf & travel

India Rovira

Marketing, communication and organization of thrips


Oriol Sancho



Quim Baget



Omar Alavedra



Sandra Izquierdo

Graphic designer


Eric Gaunhlet

Surf-Skate Rider, RRPP

Travel & surf-skate

Frank Morán

Audiovisual production and post-production

Surf & Travel