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Surfing in the south of Morocco, accommodation in Mirleft with the best waves and the greatest flexibility. Rafa (member of the Sharryup community with 15 years in Morocco) and his guides will take you to the best surfing beaches for your level and your goals. You can get to know its culture, its surroundings and its history through a local person.
Organizer: Rafa Comenge


Organizer: Rafa Comenge


Accommodation in a house just for you. Wi-fi, cafeteria and grocery store in the same building

Transportation to beaches

The guides / monitors have a car in case you do not have your rent. They show you the way to the best beaches!


International Surf Insurance issued in Spain and on your behalf and with the maximum coverage

Recreational Destinations

You can ask to visit the province and learn more about the Berber culture through the local guide


Midday meal based on typical dishes of Berber gastronomy, cooked in a traditional way with charcoal based on fresh ingredients and BIO. Depending on where we are surfing each day, we will eat at a restaurant or another

Surf guide / monitor

Monitor or surf guide (professional monitors), surfers with extensive experience in competition and also as lifeguards. You will be exclusively with you during the entire surfing day

Surf material

Table and suit to choose from the store owned by guides and monitors Mirleft Surf Shop. There are good quiver, most pro models, from 5.10 to 9.0, suitable tables for the waves of Morocco

What to expect

Day by day with Rafa:
Prepare for a trip totally made to your needs, we can not offer you an approximate planning of your day to day since you will mark it. However, we can show you experiences of other people who have made this surf trip. You will visit all the beaches in the area, always adapting to your level of surfing and your goals, you can surf all day until you get tired. You will know the traditional Moroccan gastronomy, very tasty and cooked with fresh foods: vegetable tagine, tea, coffee and traditional pasta with honey on the first day. "Surfing in the morning, lunch at Mirleft, another surf session in the afternoon and snack with pastries and coffee courtesy of Mohamed. Before dinner we walk through the village, a small and quiet fishing village where 300 families live but where surfing is a flourishing business, with three schools and two stores. "" Everyone here is very attentive and hospitable, and they recommended us the local Argan oil. Accustomed to the prices of Barcelona, ​​everything is cheaper. For example: a breakfast with natural juice, coffee with milk, bread with omelet, croissant and water cost less than 3 euros, and we could dine for less than 4. "We have made the best surf session of the whole trip on the beach from the port of Sidi-Ifni: good temperature, big waves but orderly and of slow formation, perfect for our level. " You can see the full information here



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GET TO MIRLEFT There are different airports that allow you to get to Mirleft. The main airports are those of Marrakech (the closest one), Casablanca, Rabat and Fez. Other airports (which are usually more expensive) are Esaouira and Agadir. We recommend that you fly to Marrakech as it is the closest airport in relation to the price of the plane ticket (Agadir is much closer but the tickets are usually more expensive). However, our recommendation is that you look at the price of the flight and the price of the transfer, since perhaps it is more important to fly to Agadir and not pay for a transfer (since Rafa would come to look for you at the airport of Agadir, price included in the surf trip). You'll find deals for flights in Ryanair and Vueling (sign up to their newsletter to be the first to find out about their numerous promotions). Regarding the transfers, we recommend that you rent a car (watch the price, 50 € a day is usually expensive, although Morocco is increasingly expensive). Make sure the company is reliable to avoid scams. We believe that renting a car will be the cheapest and most profitable way for Morocco, since you can have total freedom during your stay. Rafa and the other guides of the surf camp will take you to the best beaches to surf, and the excursion included in the surf trip, but if you want to go to dinner in a nearby town, or visit on your own or go out, I rent a lot More rent a car. Another way to get there would be by train, the train company of Morocco is called ONCF (we leave the link for you to watch the stations, schedules and prices). Finally, the one that we think is the most expensive option is the taxi, you will have to haggle with the taxi driver (do not bargain more than 20-40% since it can be taken wrong). We leave the time of travel to Mirleft depending on where you are: Marrakech - Mirleft: 4 hours 50 Rabat - Mirleft: 7 hours 20 Casablanca - Mirleft: 6 hours 30 Fez - Mirleft: 9 hours 30 Agadir - Mirleft: 2 hours Esaouira - Mirleft: 5 hours 10 Mirleft is located on a cliff was the destination chosen during the 70 years by the "hippie" movement of Americans and Europeans. In addition to being an ideal place for surfing, this small town is also a destination in which we can get drunk by the tranquility and magnitude of its large sands, example of this is the beach of Legzira, also known by the locals like "Playa de los Arcos", due to the natural structures that the erosion of the wind has caused, leaving a snapshot of an undoubted beauty. TEMPERATURE The temperature in Mirleft varies during the year, although it is a very pleasant climate throughout the year. From January to April, temperatures range from 21 degrees (the maximum) and 14 degrees (the minimum). From April to June they go from 22 degrees to 16 degrees. From June to September they go from 24 degrees to 19 degrees. And from October to December they go from 24 degrees to 15 degrees. FOOD The cuisine in Morocco is considered rich and diverse. The best known dishes are the couscous (participates in many Moroccan dishes, the most famous couscous of vegetables or chicken), the bastela, the lamb mechui and the djej mcharmel. Vegetables, couscous, kebabs and spices are the basic ingredients for any Moroccan meal. All the dishes are very spicy, they give a lot of life and flavor. In coastal areas, fish is also very common. Another very remarkable element of Moroccan cuisine is tea. Tea is taken approximately 5 times a day. The tea par excellence is known in Spain as "Moorish tea", but it is actually a green tea with mint. LANGUAGE The official languages ​​of Morocco are Arabic and Amazigh, each language is spoken in different dialectal forms. Classical Arabic and French are administrative languages. As far as French, but also Spanish are very present in Morocco. English is growing more and more in the field of business. CURRENCY The official currency of Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham.
TYPE OF WAVES AND WIND With a very pleasant climate, the southern area of ​​Morocco is the quietest and clearest area of ​​the Moroccan coast, with paradisiacal beaches and a multitude of solitary spots with an enormous quality of waves. It is a totally flexible surf trip, so you can explain to Rafa your preferences, level and objectives, and he will recommend the best beaches for it. However, we leave here the beaches of the area for you to take a look. The level is not a problem for the beaches of Mirleft since it has spots for all levels.

  • Sidi Ifni: we will find some of the most consistent waves throughout the year that we can find in Morocco. As in almost all the spots of these waters the level that we will find along its coast will allow to enjoy this sport to all those who wish it, so its level is initiation or high levels. It is a spot of sand and rock, which when powerful northwest swells come in, the quality and size rise to a new level. When there are good conditions there is a powerful right that breaks from the rock. It is usually one of the most requested waves in southern Morocco. The winter months are usually when the best conditions are given, which for this spot are Swell NW and Wind ESE.

The neoprene that you will need in Mirleft depends on the month in which you go. From November to April you should go in neoprene 4 / 3, May and June with a nepreno 3 / 2 or 2 / 2, July and August do not need neoprene, from September to October the neoprene 3 / 2 or 2 / 2 returns.

We leave you a chronicle of "Towards the SUP " We have started the year surfing in Moroccan waters, in Mirlelt, a surf trip where we have participated 9 people, all customers and friends of the school. We started the adventure on January 1, flying to Marrakech. 11.45h, we are already on another continent and here the sun is intense to be winter! We pick up our rental van and start the long route to our destination. First, motorway to Agadir, then motorway to Tiznit, where we stopped to eat and resumed the trip at night, by increasingly secondary roads, with unpaved sections and, to our surprise, with a lot of vehicles that circulate without lights to the that you have to add bicycles, cars pulled by animals and pedestrians. After passing this first test successfully, at night, with cold and a significant humidity, we are at 70 kms of Mirleft. It only remains to take the coastal road, pass Aglou, and we find the welcome reception of Mohamed, our contact of Surf in Morocco, and the police, all right, agents! They are the 21h and we have wifi, and we are going to have a very good pizza at a local in town. Day 1. We loaded the material, the boards on the roof of the van, wrapped with crickas type straps and headed to the beach "La Salvaje", in the province of Sidi-Ifni. The waves are big, with lots of water and very fast, with the peak a bit far from the coast, so you have to row out to sea about 600 meters, with wind and a low water temperature, making things a bit difficult. Today we meet Rafa Comenge, surfinder group founder and director of Surf in Morocco and we started to know the traditional Moroccan gastronomy, very tasty and cooked with fresh food. We confess that we have eaten very well, starting with the vegetable tagine, tea, coffee and traditional pasta with honey from this first day. Day 2. Have you ever slept under a blanket of camel hair? Robber yes, after ordering a blanket after being cold the first night. And he also knows what it is like to wake up the roosters at the 7 in the morning, something we are not used to in the cities anymore. With songs of roosters or not, at 10h we start every day to collect the material and decide which are the best spots for the day. Surfing in the morning, lunch at Mirleft, another surf session in the afternoon and snack with pastries and coffee courtesy of Mohamed. Before dinner we walk through the village, a small and quiet fishing village where 300 families live but where surfing is a flourishing business, with 3 schools and 2 stores. Day 3 and successive. In addition to the beach "La Salvaje", we have visited the port beach. You can see that we are in the Atlantic, the water is colder and saltier, also cleaner, although nobody takes care of the maintenance of the beaches and there are no bins. Despite this we find "human remains" such as plastics and other waste. These days we have met Olaf from Looking Smile, who is living in Mirleft for a while and who has told us local stories and his experience in Morocco. Here everyone is very attentive and hospitable, and they recommended the local argan oil. Accustomed to the prices of Barcelona, ​​everything is cheaper. For example: a breakfast with natural juice, coffee with milk, bread with omelette, croissant and water cost less than 3 euros, and we could dine for less than 4. The wind has calmed down, so the temperature has risen a few degrees, also that of the water. Now we can go easy with 3 / 2mm wetsuits. Still, the waves are big and fast and ... they are everywhere. There are waves on all the beaches, with which we can choose spot according to what we want bigger or smaller, with more or less travel, more or less ordered, even right or left! We always try to be in the "line up", so we paddled to reach the peak and did not break "the series" above. Last day. We have made the best surf session of the entire trip on the beach of the port of Sidi-Ifni: good temperature, big waves but orderly and slow training, perfect for our level. Today we have a farewell barbecue with Olaf, Rafa, Mohamed and our guides. Lamb for 15 people! It has been a good experience, we recommend the place as a surfing destination for those people who want to surf big waves without crowds enjoying spectacular natural landscapes and away from civilization. During the day, temperatures are summer despite being winter and has always reigned companionship and good vibes. Thanks to Salva, Jordi, Ángel, Miguel Ángel, Yubal, William, Rubén and Omar for sharing this experience with us. We have had a great time!
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Surf trip Morocco - Mirleft

Surf Trip Morocco
Recommended by members of the Sharryup community, one of the best surftrips one can do. It is organized by Rafa, a Spanish who has been living 15 surfing in Morocco for years and has a great team of local guides who work with him.

Marc T. reminded us of this trip: "They came to pick us up, they took us to the best spots possible for our level of surfing and best of all, go surfing and find the food prepared on the beach!"

The surf trip is open all year round and accepts surfers of all levels.

Sharryup community
Sharryup is a community of surfers and adventurers who believe that life is made up of experiences and not possessions. We take feedback from everyone and choose the best Surf Trips, Surf Camps, teachers and photographers to offer from different destinations. Surf Trip Morocco is one of the unforgettable experiences of our community, its culture, its people and its waves.